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National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tour of Dallas - And We're Over $10K!!

Friends (l-r) Arlene, Lisa, Lee and me after the Tour of Dallas

Just to make sure I could get in some kind of endurance event in April, (senior prom is the night before the King Tut Sprint on April 17) I decided to ride in the Tour of Dallas this weekend. It was a 30 mile loop from downtown around White Rock Lake and back to downtown. Tack on the extra 15 miles or so each way it took to get to and from downtown, it was right at a 60 mile day.

Most of it was at a pretty easy pace, except for the loop around the lake when I got behind Lee & Lisa on their tandem and we picked up a couple of other folks and had a mini peloton going.

On the ride back to the house, we stopped for lunch at a new place on the Katy Trail called the Katy Trail Ice House. Great outside, shady seating and an atmosphere very Austin - like and reminiscent of an old Dallas favorite hangout called Cardinal Puffs. If I hadn't been on my bike, I'd have definitely hung out for a cold beer or 2.

We're making strides on the fundraising to help detect Ovarian Cancer early at the NOCC:

Click on the link if you'd like to make a donation and help us continue on our goal of raising $50,000. We're over 20% there. I sure appreciate all the kind words of support and monetary gifts to the NOCC.

Julie has decided to do one more round of chemo and try as best as they can to knock her cancer out for good. She starts that tomorrow so by next week she'll be all done for now.

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  1. So glad Julie is nearing the end of the battle. It is a major accomplishment.